Who are we?

Almotaheda Real Estate Investment Group


Almotaheda Real Estate Investment Group is proud to be one of the most essential developing and renewable companies in providing an integrated system of real estate products and services in the Republic of Turkey.

Almotaheda Real Estate Investment Group was established in 2014 and is spread in five international branches aiming to meet the growing needs of local and regional markets in the real estate field. As an extension of our distinguished services, the strategic wealth management service has been added through our provision of advisory services, asset assessment, and investment in the Almotaheda Real Estate Portfolio.

Because we pay special attention to the quality of performance and the service provided, characterized by modernity and innovation in every aspect of our business, we have been able to win the trust of our customers regionally.

Our vision

A leading and distinguished investment company in Turkish real estate investment actively contributes to supporting the internal economy and maximizing the returns of its investor clients.

Our message

Contribute to the development of the real estate investment sector and advance the wheel of development and urban renaissance through highly experienced human competencies; and modern technical capabilities.

Our goals

  • We are Providing the opportunity for investors wishing to enter the real estate market by providing well-studied real estate investment opportunities with a high and future market value.
  • Innovating and hunting real estate products keep pace with the spirit of the age and provide the investor with a growing income to achieve the cash flow policy.
  • We manage and direct real estate investments to achieve the best and highest return for our investors.
  • Establishing close and long-term working relationships with all clients and strategic allies


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