Why AlMotaheda?

Why us?

Successful investment today requires the availability of several factors and essential ingredients such as real estate investment expertise, professional management, direct contacts with decision-makers, And a comprehensive follow-up of all new news and financial decisions that affect the real estate and markets, especially the emerging ones.

Almotaheda Real Estate Investment Group is characterized by the availability of all these factors and advantages to managing all your private investments intelligently and responsibly under Shariah regulations and provisions. As Almotaheda Real Estate Investment Group, we are distinguished by:

  • The best and on solid foundations.
  • Inspired by our ideas and vision.
  • We combine creativity, experience, and professional specialization.
  • Mastering our work based on extensive studies and high expertise.
  • Collaborators and believe that success is our clients, investors, strategic allies, and every team member.


Our partners realize that our goal is to provide integrated investment products that preserve the invested capital and achieve stable, continuous, and growing returns for them.

Our Services​

With increasing investment awareness and knowledge of investors and our desire to keep our clients informed of everything that is happening in the world of real estate investment and financial markets.

At Almotaheda Real Estate Investment Group, we provide a strategic wealth management service through appraisal studies and real estate consultancy. We are also looking forward to implementing our plans to expand regionally in real estate research and studies magazines.

At Almotaheda Real Estate Investment Group, we focus on providing the best services to our clients from pre-sales and after-sales services as follows:

Pre-sale services

  • Communicate with clients and provide distinguished services and consultations for real estate investment in line with the aspirations of our clients.
  • Reception service from and to the airport with our luxury cars.
  • Hotel reservations.
  • Real estate and investment tours of a futuristic nature are commensurate with our clients’ needs.



After-sales service

  • Carry out property transfers on behalf of our clients.
  • End all government procedures regarding real estate.
  • Providing the advantage of extracting real estate residency for our clients according to their desire.
  • Providing investment property management service.
  • Applying for Turkish citizenship (according to the terms and conditions).

Real estate appraisal and consultancy


Through our provision of real estate appraisal and consultancy services, we seek to analyze market conditions to reduce the risk factor to a minimum for our clients and enable them to anticipate events based on systematic and continuous studies.

In this, we provide all the data and information that our clients need to identify the best investment opportunities available in the real estate market. We provide advice based on study and scientific analysis to support them in deciding to own or sell the property on time. As it is supervised by a team of experienced and specialized researchers who work To provide the correct and valuable information to the investor by issuing a series of studies and financial reports that help deeply and accurately:

  • Knowing the correct valuation or the present value of the available investments and the future value.
  • Protecting investors from market fluctuations.
  • Informing our clients, individuals, and companies of the value of their assets to include them in their financial statements.
  • Renewable property features and market demand.
  • Calculating the annual tax on real estate and property.

Our services also include:

Providing feasibility studies, market studies, and clarifying real estate indicators with the highest standards of quality and credibility. It also works on creating a database for all parties, working on its development, conducting field studies for all the information and data necessary to complete the required real estate studies accurately, and providing advice to achieve the highest and best return. The two investment contexts should invest long-term and short-term, make real estate indicators to determine the variables in the real estate market, and do the financial analysis of the properties to be studied.

Professional ethics and confidentiality

We are committed to high professional ethics based on honesty, impartiality, and objectivity, and we are fully committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our customers’ information.

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